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Homemade Natural Soap

Laser Hair Removal

Jawline copy.png

Small Areas

Smalls Areas Included:

Areola, Belly Line, Cheeks, Chin, Feet Toes, Hand, Jawline, Knees, Ears, Sideburn, Upper Lip.

6 Sessions from:


Chest Men

Large Areas

Large Areas Included:

Upper Legs, Lower Legs, Upper Back, Lower Back, Stomach, Brazilian Bikini, Buttocks, Chest.

6 Sessions from:



Medium Areas 

Medium Areas Included:

Upper Arms, Lower Arms, Shoulders, Neck, Belly Line, Extended Bikini Line, Inner Buttocks, Inner Trinchs, Full Face.

6 Sessions from:


Full Back Men

Extra Large Areas

Extra Large Areas Included:

Full Legs, Full Back

6 Session from:


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